Эко Кэм в Грузии, Батуми, Черное море

foodWe produce our food in Georgia - a country with a beautiful ecology, ancient traditions of natural health and nutrition.

Traditions that have come since Medea - the progenitor of medicine. Here there is no production, very green and the largest number of centenarians in Europe.

Our eco-farm is located in the mountains of Adjara and national Mtirala park, a nature reserve in which the virgin has been preserved since the time of Colchis in its original form.

Here OMFOOD makes manually fruit fruit, May and chestnut honey, we collect tea and herbs for brewing and inhalation / incense.
Honey is obtained from the apiary that is in our Mtira Valley National Park. It has been exported to Europe for 10 years as a BIO product, passed the ORGANIC food inspection, is protected by the state as a unique product. We collect May honey (mainly acacia and mandarin) and chestnut.

In our tea we combine herbs and dried berries, Georgian black leaf tea.
The composition of herbal tea includes: dried persimmon leaves, quince, medlar, peach, feijoa, mandarin, blueberries, cornel, pears, mountain Adzharian mint, hyssop, thyme. Immortelle, daisies, flowers medlars, pomegranate, peach, quince, plum, dried berries and citrus peel.

Also we do the ancient traditions of grass for smoking / smoking (inhalation).
Herbs include juniper, eucalyptus, wormwood, mint, basil, thyme, nettle, cloves, licorice.
Smoke from these herbs cleans the room, helps to quit smoking, has a beneficial effect on the lungs (in small doses).